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I'm Jirka Kosek and I'm freelance consultant, lecturer, writer, university teacher, open source developer and standards maker. I have written many books and articles about XML and Web technologies and I also offer training and consulting services in this area.

Standards work

I'm trying to help improve technologies by participating in the standardization process in several organizations.

  • I'm invited expert in W3C. I'm member of several working groups here, including XML Core WG, HTML WG, CSS WG and XSLT WG. I have served as a co-editor of several specifications.

  • I'm member of OASIS because my favorite DocBook document format is developed here.

  • I'm representing Czech Republic in ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34.

Open-source software

I'm fan of open-source, but not of GPL license. The most known projects I contributed to are:

  • DocBook XSL stylesheets – the most widely used tool for converting DocBook documents into many output formats.

  • validator.nu – currently the best validator for HTML content. I added support for ITS 2.0 into validator.

Other crazy stuff I do

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