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Closing WWW2006


A short report from Friday at WWW2006 Conference.

In the morning I have attended excellent XForms tutorial by Steven Pemberton. I really must devote some more time to study this technology because it is really powerfull. With XForms you can do most of the current AJAX tricks in a pure declarative way without need to use tons of Javascript code which is very hard to maintain.

In this fast era it is quite hard to find out something really new during presentations. Almost all have been already announced on some blog or mailing list. But advantage of conferences are people who you can meet and discuss with them. During this conference I already met several people who were just names on specification before.

During a lunch with Petr and Jacek Liam Quin joined us. I was complaining about W3C membership fees. He was very interested in this discussion and explained me some reasons why W3C is much more closed to non-members then other standardization bodies. He promised me that they will try consider opening more informations to non-members. We will see.

I also briefly discussed some CSS issues with Bert Bos. What pleased me was the fact that he is not completely refusing XSL, and he agreed that for styling general XML content CSS is not always sufficient.

The successful end of conference was reason for small celebration. We visited Morocco restaurant with a great cuisine and belly dancing (paradoxically belly dancer was not from Morocco, but from Glasgow). Then we joined other conference people and finally ended in latin club that was actually playing South African dance music for most of the time.

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