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Day two at WWW2006


A short report from Wednesday at WWW2006 Conference.

The most of the day I have spent between W3C Track and Developers track. You can find all presentations given during the W3C Track at W3C site.

I must mention great presentation given by Steven Pemberton about declarative approaches to building applications. It was great fun, and Steven even cited some funny parts from Hitchhikers Guide.

Ben Adida was talking about RDFa which is easy way of storing RDF statements directly inside HTML code.

Mark Birkbeck was showing compound documents browser based on IE engine called Sidewinder. It can handle XHTML, XForms, SVG, MathML and XBL. I imagine that someday all those technologies will be available on all browsers out of the box. Sidewinder can also validate such documents against XML schemas. They are using WXS schemas, and I was happy to see that there is also someone else who is dealing with validation of compound documents.

During the day I continued in Relaxed lobbying. The day before I invited Steven Pemberton to our presentation of validator. After the sessions I saw that Tim Berners-Lee is standing behind his laptop and just reading emails. I grabbed my courage and invited him to see Relaxed presentation on Thursday. We have talked little bit about validation, and Tim had some really good ideas about what all Web validator should check. May be someday Relaxed could implement some of them.

Conference party was held in Edinburgh castle which is really beautiful. Weather, views and wine was excellent, but there were almost no food.

Fortunately after having steak and few beers downtown in The Bad Ass it was very easy to forgot about these three hours of hungry.

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