Spreading the XML paradigm around

Welcome Adélka!


It is very trendy to create extensive photogalery and blog for newborn babies these days. We tried to resist, but several our friends asked for photos. So they are here. But just few and there is also something about markup.

I will not show you photo from our baby making as some other sites do. Sorry. Instead you can see that we were responsibly familiarizing our babe with DocBook since prenatal times.

Early DocBook indoctrination

Below you can see the sweetest and the most beautiful girl in the world during her first minute in the outside world.

Adélka was tagged since her first minutes in the hospital. They are using pair tags—one is attached to a babe and second to a mother. However hospital tags are quite different—they doesn't differentiate between start and end tag. And as you can see on the picture below tags are not enclosed in angle brackets but they are circular instead.

Tagged baby

Services in the hospital were great and staff was very friendly and helpful. But I would appreciate if I could choose number to be shown on the tag. Be sure it would be 42, not 65. But might be that they chosen 65 because it is code point of letter A—the starting letter of Adélka's name. Coincidence or intention?

And do you know that after a breast feeding you should wait for belch? And that DocBook duck can help with this?

Duck is helping with belch

It is very probable that I will have less time for DocBook development due to my new parental status. But I do not mind.

UPDATED: Few days ago Adélka celebrated her 3-month anniversary. As you can see her evolution is very fast.

It is never too late to start learning XML

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