Spreading the XML paradigm around

Report from BRM


More detailed report ought to have published. But because of lack of time, blogs full of misleading information related to OOXML and spurious accusals only few pictures and frustration.

Czech delegation in front of BRM meeting room. Taking pictures inside was prohibited.

Me at BRM. With the one month distance I feel that BRM was quite friendly, peaceful and cosy place.

I'm disgusted.

Czech OOXML story in one paragraph. In good faith you take over process of collecting comments because otherwise decision related to acceptance will be very probably decided behind closed doors. Finally you collect comments and put them in shape which is more or less acceptable to both parties. You push very hard against much stronger forces for no with comments vote so comments have to be resolved before vote can changed. Vote is finally no with comments. You are hero for one party. Other party works very hard. BRM. Comments are resolved. What to do? Vote has to be changed to yes. This rule was drawn months ago. The first party was not expecting second party to work so hard. The first party is not happy. The first party goes FUD. FUD works. FUD always works. You are no longer hero. You must be idiot. You must be bribed.

I'm disgusted. What kind of motherfucker can treat something as nonessential as document format on such personal offensive level? Should be different point of view prohibited? Should one format rule them all?

No worries, I'm taking it easy. But it is very surprising to see how bad guy and former master of FUD can seriously and openly work on your comments and how good guy can learn using FUD. Both guys were very successful in their new roles. But who is good and who is bad guy then?

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