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Captured By Fire


It seems that it can be very dangerous if you stay in your office after 6pm on Friday…

The story is that some stupid fired some paper and garbage in the basement. Before my sense of smell noticed this on 5th floor behind closed doors, corridor was so full of smoke that it was impossible to breath in it, see next doors in it and safely escape. Thus I have to wait for firemans.

I was looking forward to be evacuated using extension ladder, but they have decided to use breathing apparatus and to go through the smoked corridors. I was smelling like if I have been spending weekend in teepee with an open fire.

But thank you firemans! I had grim minute after I have noticed smoke. New VoIP system has different phone number for gatehouse then previous one and my cell phone refused to call emergency number for the first time. The second try was fortunately successful.

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