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Past busy but interesting weeks were cause of my silence there. Lets improve my bloger reputation now.

XML Prague 2009 Conference was huge success. We had excellent portfolio of speakers and everything went smooth. You can find presentation slides, video capture of talks and many additional materials on the conference web-site. This year the proceedings were produced completely using XML toolchain. Authors delivered their papers in DocBook format and final typesetting was done using XSL-FO.

Right after the conference SC34 meeting started. This wasn't coincidence—SC34 meeting was carefully planed right after the conference so we can get more XML geeks and speakers to the Prague.

WG1 among other things started new amendments for NVDL and RELAX NG. Do not expect anything radical—amendment process should lead to rather small improvements which will address currently unsatisfied needs from user community. I became co-editor of these two amendments and I'm also editor of a newly created part ISO/IEC 19757-11 (Schema Association).

Of course, most of time I have spent in WG4 which is maintaining ISO/IEC 29500:2008 (OOXML). I think that group operates quite effectively. We will see how much work we can done through teleconferencing and emails, which is quite not common way how to cooperate in ISO world. You can find more details about WG4 work on Jesper's and Alex's blogs.

End of this rushed period was very rewarding—I have been nominated and accepted as a member of XML Guild. XML Guild is consortium of the best independent XML consultants in the world.

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