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Do Not Miss XML Prague 2012


If you are markup addict you most likely have XML Prague on your radar already. But as the conference takes place more then month earlier then in past—on February 10–12, 2012—some things are approaching faster then you might expect.

First, please be reminded that call for papers is ending really soon—on next Wednesday. So if you have something to say it is right time to shape it out and submit. We already have some very interesting submissions and as usual the largest batch will arrive on the last day, keeping organizers little bit nervous.

But I have no doubts that the conference schedule will be interesting. Prague will be full of XML for two weeks. Before XML Prague various working group of ISO/IEC JTC1/S34 will met in Prague. Yes, ISO might seem boring, but please don't forget that it is maintaining and developing several important XML related standards, RELAX NG, NVDL and Schematron being the most well known.

In the week after XML Prague XSLT and XQuery W3C working groups will met. So don't be surprised to hear about XQuery, XPath and XSLT 3.0 during the conference. Prague will be full of XML experts and we hope to have most of them on-site.

And finally—Friday! This year there will be pre-conference events hold during Friday in the same venue as the main conference. We are still finalizing Friday content, but I think that I can already disclose that there will be eXist-db meeting, oXygen Users Meetup and Saxon-CE workshop.

We are looking to see you in Prague! (Registration is already open.)

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